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Class 3 is made up of children in Years Three and Four at Stamfordham First School...

Here are some general details to keep you informed about what lies ahead.  Mrs. Gilbert teaches the class all day Monday and Tuesday, and Wednesday morning.  Miss. McKinney teaches for the rest of the week. Mrs Watson is our teaching assistant.

Who are we? By the children of Years 3 and 4...

Hello! We are Year 3 and we have just started Key Stage 2. This year we will begin to take greater responsibility for our learning and ourselves. We will be encouraged to develop our thinking and investigative skills to help us to learn and discover things on our own. This will allow us to work with greater independence and increasing confidence. We will also be expected to share our thoughts and ideas and to take responsibility for others. We will help to look after some of the younger children in school.

Hello!  We are Year Four and we are the oldest children in the school.  We have lots of extra responsibilities and we help our teachers with jobs.  We also take special care of the children in reception class when they are playing in the playground, especially when they first start school.  In Year Four we begin to take more responsibility for our own learning and we try to work out how we learn best. 

Years 3 and 4 Parent Information

Here are some general details to keep you informed about what lies in the term ahead.


Children in class 3 are given a variety of homework tasks every week;

Reading Books

Children take school books home as ‘home-readers’.  These are checked and changed everyday, or as necessary. 

Children should change their reading books at least every two weeks.

Discussing the characters, events and settings can really help your child during Literacy.

Numeracy and Literacy homework

This homework will be given alternate weeks - Monday or Thursday, depending on whether it's  Literacy or Numeracy. It is very important that children return homework on the correct day.

Occasionally children will be asked to carry out other small homework tasks on other days during the week.


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