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School Procedures and Rules

Complaints Procedure
Any complaints parents may have about the school should first be raised with either the Head Teacher or the class teacher.

We have always managed to solve the few problems we have experienced, but in the unlikely event that a problem is not solved parents have the right to a formal complaints procedure to either the school governors or to the local authority.

Parents wishing to invoke the formal complaints procedure should contact the school for these details.

School Rules
The Student Council re-write and or change the school rules annually as a first task when newly elected. The rules below are general school rules which have also been developed with the children.

In our school we expect to :-

Be kind, honest and truthful with everyone
That means…Be nice and don’t tell lies!

Move sensibly around school
That means…Don’t be silly, and don’t push or shove!

Stop, look and listen when asked to do so
That means…Pay attention to teachers when they ask you to!

Look after property
That means…Don’t be silly with things like lunchbox, reading folders, bags, books, coats, pens and pencils!

Come to school prepared to work
That means…Calm down, don’t be silly, and work hard!

Policy on Discipline
We aim to provide an interesting and stimulating curriculum where the children work within a clear and consistent framework of values.

All staff have a positive approach to discipline, but in order to maintain an organised happy environment it is necessary to have some rules.  Our policy on positive behaviour clearly states sanctions and rewards and a copy of the 'Policy for Positive Behaviour'can be obtained from the secretary's office.

Children are encouraged to consider the consequences of their words and actions, but if their misbehaviour is too persistent their parents are invited to school to discuss the problem.

Recent legislation has been passed to try to keep track of truancy in schools.  Whilst truancy is not a problem at Stamfordham First, the legislation does still affect us and we have to send absence figures to the Department for Education.

Parents are requested to contact the school to explain absences or send a note giving a reason for the absence when the child returns to school.

If this requirement is not met, then the school will have no alternative but to record the absence as being unauthorised.  

School uniform is optional, but it is something the school does encourage especially if the children are attending special occasions.

The school colour is Red.  Sweatshirts on which the school logo is embroidered can be purchased from the school.  The recommended items of school clothing are:-

  • Grey Skirt or Trousers
  • White Sports Shirt or Shirt
  • Red Sweatshirt, Cardigan or Fleece Jacket
  • Red and White Summer Dress
  • White or Red P.E. T-Shirt    
  • Black or Navy Blue P.E. Shorts
  • White or Black P.E. Sand-shoes   

Written by pupils, staff, parents, governors and the Student Council.

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