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‘Learning, Caring and Achieving Together’
‘Learning, Caring and Achieving Together’

Class 2 (Yrs 1&2)

Dissecting plants- What are the different parts of their plants and their functions?

Africa topic day: Ndebele Tribe Geometric Houses

Testing Absorbent Materials

Maasai Tribe headband

Out of this world! Kielder Observatory Workshop (9.3.22)

Countries in Africa- Map Skills

Food Chains

Mental Health Week- Dress to express & creating stress balls

Which habitat do woodlice prefer? -Experiment

Recreating Great Fire of London

Designing and creating 'Bug Hotels'

Observing Micro-habitats

Designing habitats- What is a habitat? What does a habitat need?

Adaption- How do animals adapt?

Christmas Lunch and Jumper Day

Daily Mile- Santa Dash

Good afternoon and welcome to your daily weather report- Researching in Science

Still image for this video

WW2 Air Raid

Still image for this video

How do the clouds affect our weather?

How can we measure the rain?

Rama and Sita role play- Explaining the story of Diwali

We are Meteorologists- How can we measure the weather? (rain)

Stick Structures- Andy Goldsworthy, Patrick Dougherty and Jaakko Pernu

Comparing the structure of different animals

Geography fieldtrip: do we live in a town, village or city? (14.10.21)

What do animals need to survive? (12.10.21)

Freeze Frames

Which material makes the best shoe? (Comparative test)

Kindness Pebbles

Creating Calm Bottles


Deciduous & Evergreen- Leaf bingo

What are the different parts of a plant? What do they do?

Creating Algorithms

Piet Mondrain

Where do different fruits and vegetables grow?

Observation- Observing our own food chains

How do animals survive in the Arctic?

Grouping- Living, Dead, Never Alive (MRS GREN)

Significant Individuals

Comparative Test- Celebrating Science Week

Exploring 3D Shapes

Captain Chemistry

Art- Sculpting our own Chinese New Year Animal

Weather Reporting (Nov 20)

Germs Experiment (Oct 20)

Food Triangle (Oct 20)

Testing our hearing (Oct 20)

Bubble Breathing (Sept 20)

Our body (Sept 20)

Adam Bushnell (Sept 20) 'The Tortoise Who Came to Tea'

Captain Chemistry (Sept 20)

The Great Fire of London! (March 20)

Captain Chemistry and Year 2 - classifying animals (Feb20)

Searching for mini-beasts with Captain Chemistry (Jan 20)

Mr Shark sharing some fascinating facts about sharks with Class 2! (27.9.19)

Making paper with Captain Chemistry (26.9.19)

Working hard with Adam Bushnell, the author (12.9.19)

Jack and the Beanstalk - story mapping in Class 2 (4.9.19)

Hoopstarz May 2019

Baptism with Reverend Rachel (May 2019)

Florence Nightingale visits Class 2 (April 2019)

Making dips in Class 2 (Mar 19)

Kirkley Hall Zoo (Mar 19)

Captain Chemistry (7.3.19)

Let's go to China, Class2! (Nov18)

Easter cookery and fun with Pam (29.3.18)

Class 2 and 'The Great Fire of London'...

A fantastic morning at the multi-skills festival!