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‘Learning, Caring and Achieving Together’
‘Learning, Caring and Achieving Together’

Social and emotional well being - what it means in our school...

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Our children's welfare is extremely important to us at Stamfordham Primary so we are working in collaboration with experts, trainers and counsellors at Melva, a company which specialises in supporting and counselling both children and adults.  They also help children with coping methods surrounding healthy relationships, puberty, sexual education, anxiety, emotional well-being, self-esteem and self-care.


Workshops/lessons will run throughout the school year to ensure that we continue to help our children in the changing world they will face when they move on from Primary School and into later life. 


We're very excited to be working in partnership with Melva, who will assist us in making sure early help is in place should the children need it.  If there are any concerns either pre or post any workshops please feel free to come and see us in school.


These workshops will all run in line with the PHSE curriculum which states that all children are given guidance in relation to Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World.  


For more information about the companies, please look at the following links and read the booklet below:  

MELVA resources for teachers and colleagues:

Melva is currently working up a new digital training offer for organisations which will have a phased release in the coming weeks.  For now, we’ve made two initial videos which you may find useful...


Why we’re all suddenly tired, snappish and selfish


That thing we're all feeling... it's grief. Here's how we can handle it.


Potential resource for families:

We want to create a web-based platform of creative activities and resources for children aged 7-11 and their parents / carers / families, linked to the theatre production of MELVA, designed to support children’s mental health. On the platform there would be things like:

  • 10-minute fun, practical activities / games to help explore worries and anxiety e.g. games, drawing exercises, writing exercises, mindfulness etc (including tips for grown-ups to help children)
  • Recorded extracts from the play to listen to / watch with photos from the show
  • Interviews with the cast / crew / characters
  • Stories and messages from the characters in the play
  • Signposting to other offers for children by other companies
  • Signposting to other activities for children (creative and health)


Watch this space for more...