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‘Learning, Caring and Achieving Together’
‘Learning, Caring and Achieving Together’

Design and Technology


At Stamfordham, we aim to provide an art / DT curriculum which enables all learners to explore the arts and develop their skills over time.  As well as weekly art / DT lessons, we also have art focus weeks which allows the pupils to work with different media and explore the work of famous artists.  We organise art-based trips and provide extra-curricular clubs to further enhance the provision we have to offer.




At Stamfordham, Design and Technology is taught in a variety of ways to ensure pupils develop their skills over time.  We also plan lessons that encourage children to solve real-life problems to ensure design and technology work is purposeful and practical.  We use a design, make and evaluate process in our lessons and pupils are encouraged to talk about their learning and how their designs could be improved.

We hold regular art / DT weeks which are usually based around a theme, this supports our wider curriculum.  For example, during the materials topic, pupils were asked to design and make a shoe to keep their feet dry in the rain.



Progress in design and technology is monitored termly to ensure all pupils meet their full potential.  Pupils are given lots of opportunities in other subjects to consolidate and transfer the skills they have learnt in design and technology.



Our design and technology curriculum is accessible to all pupils through flexible and creative teaching.  We set high expectations and use a 'can do' approach so that every pupil can achieve their best.  Where needed we:

* Break down tasks into smaller steps 

* Provide additional resources or adult support

* Provide regular feedback to build confidence and help pupils improve