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‘Learning, Caring and Achieving Together’
‘Learning, Caring and Achieving Together’

Yrs 3&4

Nelson Handwriting Support Sheet

Good morning Class 3,


Mrs Gray and Mrs Watson here. I just want to start our message by saying we hope you are all OK and to let you know that we are missing you all so much already! We can’t wait to welcome you back to school when it is safe to do so.


We have put together a timetable for you to follow, this will help keep you busy over the next few weeks and help to add structure to your days- you know how we like to keep you busy! :-) Your home learning tasks are ready below, we hope that you enjoy these activities, we will be adding them weekly and will be following the same timetable in school.


A few tips/reminders from us:


o   If possible, please use lined paper for all activities other than Maths, and use a sharp pencil for your Maths work.


o   Please also use a pencil for all other activities, unless you use a pen in school. Please try to use a black ink pen rather than a biro or other coloured pen.


o   Try to find a quiet place to work with a chair and table, you work so very hard in the classroom so remember to keep this up at home too.


Little and often is the best way but if you do find the timetable too much, topics such as maths/literacy and reading should be the priority if possible.


A quick message for parents, please can you send a picture of at least one piece of work a day on DOJO? This way I can monitor progress and provide feedback as well as reward Dojos! I can’t wait to see the AMAZING work that your children will be producing at home and to hear how they are getting on.


Our last message is just to say PLEASE, please, please do get in touch on DOJO if you require any support at all from us. We will be regularly checking on DOJO and will therefore reply ASAP.  


We look forward to hearing from you soon, take care our Class 3 superstars,


From Mrs Watson and Mrs Gray :-)


Before opening any of these folders, please do not feel under pressure to print anything. All work can be recorded on lined paper.